Custom gift Ideas in time of CC: Content Creation

Now is the time of "Content Creation" CC:

With the advent of micro blogging, people started creating and sharing Content easily.

Slowly people started thinking anything more than 140 characters as spam( Like my  blog :D )

TBs of data is getting created & consumed daily, Facebook processes more than 500 TB of data daily.

In this CC Time I feel a customized T-shirt or mug with a personal touch will be an awesome gift idea.

Creating a custom Tshirt or mug is not that tough now a days, all you need to do is

1. Think of an idea
2. Google for quotations that expresses your idea
3. Select few images from your gallery
4. Upload these in a site like
5. Tada your custom gift is ready for purchase
Order it and enjoy your personalized gift :).



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