Will Email Be a Thing of Past in Near Future?

Right from rise of social networking, there have been predictions that Email will soon be thing of past  Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has declared that email is dead. Email has come long way from first message sent by programmer Ray in 1971. 40 years later we are talking aboult email being obsolete but its far from over.
Social networks definitely have made people feel that email is obsolete. Modern day communication tends to be informal, minimal and most of time immediate. Though Messengers/Communicators existed for long time they didn't kill the Email. Social network has definitely reduced the amount of personal emails exchanged but its far from over. In-fact Social Network themselves use Email to bring back the users to their sites.
Corporates still rely heavily on the emails, but recent decision by CEO of major European tech-firm ATOS to ban the emails in company raises some serious questions on future of the email. May be even corporates are now looking for alternative tools which can make collaboration more efficient.

What do you about future of email, Just mail your comments to Email_RIP@2020.com!! Just kidding, post your comments below.


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    email is here to stay.Dont mislead people

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