How to post invisible scraps in orkut?

Recently I found this interesting feature (or bug) in orkut.

I could send a scrap to my friend which is invisible to my friend and me.

You could ask me then what's the use of that?
The receiver gets a popup saying that vivek had scrapped you "nothing", and when the user checks his scrapbook he finds nothing there (no scrap from vivek).

What I had done was I had posted a scrap with html content with image embedded. I have picked the html content from a social image bookmarking app Picso
Looks like orkut thought it might be spam and deleted my scrap with out intimating me :(.

What could have happened?
1. When I scrapped my friend orkut accepted my scrap with a small captcha.
2. Trigged by this event popup notifier created a noticiation event.
3. After an hour the spam prevention engine of orkut had woke up and saw my scrap, as it is not intilleginet enough, it thought my scrap as a spam and deleted that from my friends scrapbook :(.

Now I am using this to send invisible scraps to my friends. Its fun try it out yourself.
pick any image of your choice and try it outsocial picture bookmarking

I expected the scrap to be as follows

Picso - Mazic India


  1. You scrap someone and delete that scrap in few seconds. It will be generate same behavior to receiver of scrap.
    Am I right?

  2. Hi DK,
    If you delete the scrap there are chances of getting this, but I never observed such thing.

    But if you use Picso you can surely see it happen ;)