Google Promotes Youtube Video Downloads!!

Piracy has always been associated with Youtube. Media majors have filed lawsuits against Google for their copyrighted content being hosted on Youtube. Some of recent judgments have been in favor of video sites where the video hosting sites pleaded its defense under the “safe harbor” provisions of DMCA copyright law, which meant it could be safe as long as it removed the infringing video when alerted by the copyright holder.
But what if a video hosted on youtube is downloaded by some user even before an alert by copyrighed holder? Many sites like this exists all over the internet which allows users to download Youtube videos. Google cant control those sites so its ok but Google went ahead and accepted an application named Youtube Video Downloader for its Orkut social network. At the first point this application doesn't have any social feature, one of our app was rejected few months back stating it didnt have any social features. Most important being how can Google accept such application which is allowing download of videos from one of their sites. If Google thinks there is no problem with this then why dont they just give download link on the youtube video page itself.
Is "Be Evil" Google's new mantra? What will be copyrighted content holders take on this?
Will Orkut remove this Application?

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  1. very interesting take!
    yes, lets see what they do about it.