Elections 2009: BJP's IT Vision

BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is counting a lot on youth in this election and in process is wooing the youth with its IT vision.

Highlights of BJP's IT Vision
  • 1.2 crore IT enabled jobs in rural areas
  • 1 crore students to get laptops at Rs:10K
  • Promotion of IT in Indian languages
  • Broadband (2 Mbps) at cost of 200rs/month
  • MNIC(multipurpose national identification card for all citizens in 3 years)
  • Corruption free India using IT and making all govt offices in India paper free.
  • Number of mobile subscribers to reach 100 crores in 5 years
  • Video conferencing to be made affordable and easily accessible
  • Bank accounts for all Indians
  • Each family below poverty line to get a smart phone.
While this Vision is great achieving it will be real challenge. But its good to see political parties are atleast planning to start using technology for betterment of India. Advaniji, but giving away smart phones to BPL families doesn't make much sense and would be better to concentrate on how to bring these families above poverty line. Giving away Smart phones sounds like the free color TV scheme from some of south indian regional parties like TDP, DMK. Anyways, great vision and all the best advaniji for 2009 elections. Lets hope to see an oldie PM with youngie outlook.

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  1. For everyone like me, who's never heard of a crore before (unfortunately it's not common in Europe and I haven't been lucky enough to travel to India). Here's an explanation on Wikipedia.