Google More Confident: Strips off Beta Tag Within 100 Days of Release

Google has kept Beta tag for its products like Gmail, Blog Search for years, but it has removed the beta tag for Chrome browser with in 100 days of its first release. This is change is Google's strategy. People may like to use browser which is more secure (may not prefer beta products as browser). Google has made some 14 silent updates to the chrome over last 100 days. Google claims over 10 million users (probably downloads) since first beta release. Google very well may also be tracking active users as well, they may have way wherein they may be sending some update to Google servers via the browser. Start using the latest chrome browser and let us know, which is the best IE, Firefox or Chrome ?
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  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Hi Mallik,

    I have an issue for you

    Open Chrome and paste the below URL

    ( This is one of your post only )
    And see what happens !!!!!!!!????

  2. Thanks Anonymous, Have fixed the issue for chrome, I will cover the details of Issue and the fix in my next blog posting. Thanks Alot.