Startup Saturday: LifeMojoPro Demo

LifeMojo gave the demo of their B2B product at Startup Saturday in Bangalore, LifeMojo has a B2C product as well which you can try out here. LifeMojo is basically a weight and lifestyle management and tracking tool. The B2C version allows you to track you body weight online. In B2B model lifemojo sells their Pro version to the nutritionists as SaaS. Using the pro version, nutritionists can keep track of their patients online. Nutritionists will be paying Lifemojo cost per user per anum. At the same time the patient can log-in into the nutritionists site [LifeMojos Whitelabel] and read the comment/subsriptions given by their nutrtionist and there by also track the food they are taking, online. Lifemojo also provides a payment gateway to allow patients to pay the nutritionists online.
Lifemojo also have a mobile J2me application where in patient can track the food he is taking and activity he is doing. J2me app needs GPRS connection to connect to their servers. They also have way to access it via SMS. As per the founders fitness industry has huge market and growing rapidly in India. With queries like "How to lose weight", "How to gain weight" appearing in the google zeitgeist 2008 many people seems to be taking fitness seriously.
All the best LifeMojo!!

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  1. Thanks Mallikarjun , for the nice writeup!

    Himanshu Khurana
    Cofounder, LifeMojo