Enjoy the MAZIC!!

Movie MAZIC : A-Z of Indian Cinema, is new Indian startup in entertainment space. Basically Movie MAZIC is a content aggregator and bookmarking site. Movie MAZIC brings to you News,Audios,Videos,Actors,Movies and Schedule information at one place. Going forward Movie MAZIC wants to be one stop site for all the movie content. Best thing they have made login/registration hassle free where in you can login simply using one of Gmail/Yahoo/ Rediff ids. Going openID way ;)
Movie MAZIC allows its users to:
* Get Videos/Audios/Pics of latest releases
* Get full length Videos of 100s of movies
* Download 1000s of Videos
* Find latest information and gossips and movies running in theaters close to you
* Bookmark your favorites, Share and access them anywhere.
* Going forward we suggest content for users based on their favorites.
Enjoy the MAZIC!!


  1. Pretty good information after a long wait..

    Worth the wait!

  2. But how about the copyrights then

  3. Hey Nilesh,
    The data is currently not hosted on our site so Movie MAZIC is no way responsible for any copyright issue.
    Read http://moviemazic.com/popup/contactus.php
    Movie MAZIC

  4. well is piracy a issue on that site?