uTest: get paid for bugs you find

uTest is revolutionizing traditional software testing by introducing the first global marketplace for software application testing coupled with a Pay Per Bug business model. Companies in need of software QA testing will be able to access professional testers on-demand through our Global Community for the purpose of quality assuring and testing software release prior to market launch.
That is vision of uTest, a Boston based company which got $1.7 million funding. Well, big organization may not be very interested in this as they may not want to outsource the testing, but many startups which may not be investing in QA heavily may use the testing community on uTest. Well this is good opportunity for testers to showcase their testing skills and at same time make money. We need to look into how they go about implementing this, screenshots from techcrunch show that they are integrating bug tracking tools and making entire outsourced test management simple. uTest also has new branded Debit which they will be issuing to all the active testers in the community. All the best uTest.


  1. Thats one portal since late am sure is going to Click..

  2. well i differ from the opinion as i would not like my creation to be test in such a open environment that might hamper my innovative products~~