Hyderabad to Bangalore

It has been over 2 months since my last article, I would like to apologize all my blog readers for keeping the blog passive for so long and will keep posting regularly from now on. Many things happened in last two months both personally and professionally. On personal front, I got engaged to Niharika. On professional front, I moved to Bangalore and joined Infospace. I quit Webaroo and joined D.E.Shaw primarily because of location, but the happiness of staying at home was short lived. I wasn't happy with work/processes in D.E.Shaw, may be nothing wrong with them, but was uncomfortable working in big organization after working for 2 years in a startup. When I joined D.E.Shaw, I never thought that I will have to move out of Hyderabad in just 6 months. Six months at D.E.Shaw was fruitful, got chance to know more about processes, but soon started to look for more challenging opportunities preferably in startups and finally joined Infospace Bangalore.
I always like to quit an organization in proper way, but that didn't happen at D.E.Shaw because of no fault of mine. I worked till 4:00 A.m on a day in my notice period to complete the product sign-off but to my surprise next day I see that my account on system is disabled and HR asking me to leave the premises. Well, I don't know what exactly is reason for sending me out without even giving me opportunity to send my last thank you mail to colleagues. Anyone listening, please understand that if you expect employees in notice period to work late nights then u should be kind enough as well to relieve the employees in proper manner.


  1. good luck for your future.

  2. Deep pockets wont make you a great place to work, listen D.E.Shaw!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hi Dear,

    Everything that glitters is not gold and this is the perfect example of that.
    Personally i feel that there should be a perfect process in place for quitting also.
    My dear friend, you deserve much more in life. so just forget this as a bad incident ...

    Best of luck for your future :)

  4. I always feel it is more fun and excitement on working with stratups than a big name.
    Best of luck in new assignment.

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  6. I appreciate your comfort level in working with a small concern ...synonymously Growing..rather than a stable big concern..I am of the same view when considered the amount of exposure found in a small concern...an yeah the reaction of DE Shaws as you said sounds pathetic

  7. best of luck for you new career

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    well you deserve a much more better job than in D.E.Shaw sir..