Bye Bye Mumbai !!

Today is my last day in Mumbai. I am moving back to Hyderabad. I have been in Mumbai for almost 4 years. Two memorable and enjoyable years at IIT Bombay, followed by similar experience for another two years at Webaroo. I definitely have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in these 4 years and in process have found many friends. Two years of stay at IIT was memorable with those night outs (for completing assignments, watching movies and chit chatting), late night table tennis, early morning breakfasts at Madoo's :). Later joined Webaroo thats my first job. Webaroo was a startup and it was just like extension to student life with all those flexible timings and freedom to do things in your own style. I’ve had a great time in this great company of wonderful people. Needless to say, my tenure with Webaroo has contributed in making me more knowledgable person. There have been some great moments which I shall remember throughout. It's never been easy to say goodbye, but cant resist going back to my home town, Hyderabad either. I will be joining D. E. Shaw soon and I will be testing the softwares there as well, so this blog will still be active. :)

Thanks to all the people who have supported me throughout. Please write your scraps/testimonials about me as comments (you can do it anonymously as well, so feel free)


  1. sheece4:04 PM

    Hey Mallik,

    All the best with the new job. Do keep posting about technology and testing. It was good fun working with you. We must start working on our book - Startup Ideas for dummies. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Pratyush4:10 PM

    Mallik is one of the best people in his domain. I personally value his expertise and friendship quite a lot. We would miss you here.

    Have a great time Mallik.

  3. Mallik Bhai,

    All the best with the new job.
    I am sure these 4 years in Mumbai would have been full rocking and fun.

    Heres wishing to keep the same in future as well.

    Needless to say, tere blogs padhta rahoonga.

  4. Mallik Bhai,

    All the best for the new job and life ahead.It was great working with you.

    Keep posting on code inspections and techinspections.A hearty thank you to you for all the tips on blogging :-)

    Chai peete rehna and keep blogging...dekhna aap bhi Michael Arrington ban jaooge :-)

  5. Ashish4:32 PM

    Mallik Bhai,

    It has been 4 years of fun with you right from 2003 :) Things have been great throughout right from hostel wing, lab, webaroo, 103 Atlas.

    I remeber u as a shy guy and today you are complete transformed individual, thanks to ur hard work here. Open a startup soon, and have tonnes of biryaani. we shall meet at our batchmates marriages every now and then :)


  6. tathagata4:38 PM

    Mallik dude,

    Have a great time at DE Shaw and Hyderabad. It was fun working with you - your opinions, meticulousness and insights will be missed.

    Cheers and good luck!

  7. Hey mallik!!!
    All the very best for the new job!!!!sure u will do great wherever u go!!!!!!

    good luck!!!

  8. Dylan4:44 PM

    May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

  9. Sandeep5:18 PM

    Hey Mallik,

    It was indeed a great time working with you. Best of Luck for your new job.

    Have a great time at your hometime and keep posting.


  10. Hey Mallik,
    Always wondered why it takes a moment to say 'Hi' which i said to you in Webaroo and forever and a heavy heart to say farewell, like it is right now for me.
    But i guess i'm lucky to have a friend like you, whom it is so hard to say goodbye to.
    It was amazing knowing you, and knowing little bit about code inspection and testing softwares, something i had little knowledge of.
    But then, every farewell is the beginning of a new 'Hi' someday. Will wait for that day.
    Besides, Hyderabad dur nahi. We'll meet there.
    All the best and keep blogging. There are people who read you regularly.

  11. I was a pleasure working with you. Best of luck for future endeavors

  12. Hey Mallik, Good luck with DE Shaw. Stay in touch.

  13. Hello Malik,

    All the best for your new job. Have a rocking career ahead.


  14. Anonymous4:33 PM

    All the Best for your new job at
    DE Shaw.
    - Buddhini

  15. Phir milenge hyd mein ;)

  16. Thanks to all the people for the wishes.

  17. Congrats mallikarjun reddy

  18. all the best!