MS Word Spell Checking Functionality

MS Word has a spell check functionality, once you complete writing a document if you press on F7 then spell and grammar check will start and suggests a word for each wrongly spelt word. Also, their is a feature for replacing all the occurances of one mis-spelt word with other. Lets say the text is :
Testing software cin also CIN also Cin and also CiN and also cIN
Now press F7, it will show the cin as mis-spelt word and suggest can as write word and there is option to change all these mis-spelt words at one go, so the expected result after this operation will be :
Testing software can also CAN also Can and also Can and also can [Assuming it replaces irrespective of case or else it should prompt user when CIN appears, since it can be abbrevation for some word]
But what actually happens is :
Testing software can also CAN also Can and also CiN and also cIN [It replaces the first three occurances of cin and promts for 4th occurance, I could'nt understand the logic here]

I am not sure if this is a bug or by design, lets hope Microsoft guys will respond to this and clarify.


  1. My friend Akash has made a good point here. The things like CIN,cin and Cin may be typed mistakenly buy user but things like CiN and cIn may not be typed mistakenly but thats what the user want. (alternate Caps and small letters may not be mistake by user).

  2. Actually i couldnt repro it on office word 2007. What version of office are you using?

  3. Hey Cynic, I was testing it on Word-2003. I dont have 2007 version :(