Truemors: Let the users test it

Guy Kawasaki's new startup Truemors launched yesterday, though the service by itself did not impress me it got covered by techcrunch and other blogs just because its by Kawasaki. This service allows the users to post rumors via voice messaging, text messaging, email, and online interface for which the other people can give the score, based on the score it will display the greatest truemors. Interesting thing about it was that its seems to be launched without any basic testing. Following things were observed:

  • Many rumors have the rating as +2147483648 or -2147483648 which clearly was integer overflow because of some bug in their scoring code.

  • Soon, many testers [including me :)] started posting javascripts and HTML redirect code in the name and truemor fields. Infact for some time the site started poping up "Hello" alert, clearly some user has added the javascript code in the Name field.

  • Even the Greatest Truemors were not properly sorted according to score.

  • But truemors did fix most of these issues on the fly. Are we moving into the situation where we can just launch the web product and wait for users to test them and fix them on the fly in cases where it fails :).

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    1. Mallikarjun,

      I'm currently trying to get the word out about a new site that I'm launching. I don't have a marketing department, any funding, or corporate backing... only a vision of what a website may be able to accomplish, and six months of late night grunt work behind me to turn a concept into a reality.

      The tech industry is currently really focused on frivolous launches such twitter & truemors. This site is not in that carefree same vein, but I truly believe that it seeks to solve a vital need within society.

      Humanity is facing some of the most difficult challenges it has ever faced. In order to tackle these issues, first and foremost we need to raise the level of the political discussion beyond the status quo of 8-second soundbytes and partisan bickering. America needs to open its eyes and start looking below the surface of these issues. Vocal Nation was built with this sole purpose in mind: to help moderate this important conversation.

      I believe that technology has the potential to help reduce the tension within the debate, to help us rediscover a middle ground, and to give greater exposure to the most profound ideas from around the world.

      If you feel there is any truth in what I'm trying to do here, I would really appreciate it if you could let your readers know about what seeks to accomplish.

      Thank you,

      Tony Trupp
      Founder & Sole Developer