[Software Review] DeviceAnywhere : Testing Mobile Apps Across All Devices

During the early and intermediate stages of mobile application development, developers will be using the emulators. While emulators are cool tools during early stages, QA cant certify the products by testing on emulators, they need to test on real handsets. With mobile market so diversified, QA needs to test the product across various handsets,carriers and combinations of both. Buying all these devices for one time testing may not be good idea. DeviceAnywhere provides the solution for this problem. DeviceAnywhere is a revolutionary online service that provides access to hundreds of real handsets, on live worldwide networks, remotely over the Internet - for all your dev/porting/testing needs. In short, they provide an online interface for testin different live phones across multiple networks. I am impressed with their idea and business model and it would be useful for many small and medium companies to use this kind of services. Personally, I feel the pricing is still slightly high and lowering it may help them get more customers. They already have more than 650 clients.

Disclaimer: These are my personal views about deviceanywhere and am not advertising about their service.


  1. HI Arjun,

    this is really a nice inforamtion about the testing mobile
    Can you provide in detail the information about the Automation Testing, performance Testing??
    Actaully, i am interested in learning the automation testing.
    I will wait for your response


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