[Article] QA Needs More Developers!!

Ideally the developers are expected to do the initial unit testing and basic testing 0f the module developed by them, but how many times have you come across a situation where one of the simple test case does not work in the module given by developer? If this is happening more frequently then it is cause of concern for any QA team. But how can the QA team handle this kind of situation where they get very less time to test/QA and find too many bugs just before the deadline and eventually they miss the deadline.
Though its the developer job to do the basic testing, if they are not very keen about this then it will be impacting the quality of product for which the QA team is responsible. Many times the software projects either misses the deadlines or is a disaster because of this thing. So cant the testing start very early in the developement process so that the bugs are identified at the early stage ? These are the reasons which led to ideas like Agile Testing.
Ideally there should be a white box tester (or tester with good coding skills) who starts very early in the project and his responsibilities include the unit testing and codeinspections and can also help developer in design issues so that it can handle all the use cases later. Since testers are more creative in test case design they can challenge the developer with a test case which cannot be handled by thier curent design. But one problem which we face is that guys who are good at coding always prefer a job as developer rather than tester. But this fast seems to be changing and many people with good coding skills also are prefering careers in testing

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