[Article]Software Testing in Startup Companies

I have been working as software tester in startup company for over 1.5 yrs now. This was my first job and when I joined the company, I was clueless about the whole process of software testing and added to it I was the first member in testing team . So, What makes the software testing in startup companies more difficult and challenging :
- Very low tester to developer ratio: Many startups does not like to invest much in the testing initially and hence there will be very few testers.
- No Proper Processes in Place: There will be no process and all the things will be happening in adhoc manner.
- Outsourcing the Testing: Since the startups do not invest much into the QA initially, they will go for outsourcing just before the release, but with no proper documentation it becomes difficult to handle such teams.
- New Technology : Since most startups comes up with innovative products, test cases also needs to be innovative. Testers needs to think out of box and come up with innovative ideas rather than using the age old stuff.
- Product Launch: For startups the first product is always important. If there are any major bugs than the company has to face the ire of bloggers and media.
- Hard Deadlines: Sometimes QA may end up with just one day to test because of hard deadlines and the developers working till the last day.

Many of these things can very well be true with other established firms as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my job while going through all the above challenges and working in a startup as test engineer is a great experience.

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