Bye Bye Bangalore!!

Today is my last day in Bangalore. I am moving back to Hyderabad. I have been in Bangalore for 2.5 years. Two and half memorable and enjoyable years at Infospace. I definitely have gained a lot of knowledge in these 2.5 years and in process have found many friends. 2.5 years of stay at Infospace was a perfect combo of challenging work and great fun. On personal front, I came to Bangalore after my engagement and now leaving Bangalore as father of 10 months old kid:). I’ve had a great time in this great company of wonderful people. Needless to say, my tenure with Infospace has contributed in making me more knowledgeable person. There have been some great moments which I shall remember throughout. It's never been easy to say goodbye, but after Aditi Technologies taking over Infospace India, I had to look for job change and Hyderabad was my obvious choice. I will be joining Microsoft IDC soon.
Thanks to all the people who have supported me throughout. Please write your scraps/testimonials about me as comments (you can do it anonymously as well, so feel free)


  1. Great...
    Good wishes from my side..

  2. great boss. best luck for your future.

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

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