WikiReader: Wikipedia On Portable Device, Original Webaroo's Idea!!

WikiReader is $99 portable device which stores all the Wikipedia articles for the offline browsing and searching. WikiReader uses two AAA batteries, a low-power CPU and monochrome touch screen, and standard microSD cards to house all the articles. WikiReader is not a connected device and hence not very useful in keeping updated with real-time news. WikiReader can be just used as a pocket-reference when you are not online.
Remember Webaroo, which originally came up with similar idea 3 years back. Webaroo released desktop and mobile applications for content caching which can be used for offline search later. Webaroo also had bundled the wikipedia slices on laptops, mobiles and SD cards but it never became popular, probably because the content was not real time.
WikiReader also faces the same challenge as webaroo, except that it has its own hardware. WikiReader allows you to update the content either by downloading th latest content from their site or can recieve updated SDcards by paying an annual fees. WikiReader will be available shortly on Amazon.
Will WikiReader go Webaroo way? What do you think?


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    i think it will go webaroo's way

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