What India Googles For Most?

Katrina Kaif is the bollywood personality searched for most on Google in 2008. Google today released the top searches for year 2008 which it calls Zeitgeist. Orkut was the fastest rising term in 2007 and it kept its pace to win race in 2008. As with the Ask top searches, even Google top searches are web related terms like orkut, gmail, youtube etc., Katrina Kaif replaces Aishwarya Rai as top bollywood celebrity, Aishwarya dropped to second postiton. As you can see facebook is growing in India. Genelia a popular tollywood became popular in bollywood with Jaane tu ya Jaane na is one of fast rising terms. Irctc is another fast rising search term. Irctc may replace Indian Railways in 2009 top searches. Kerala is replaced by Goa as top destination this year.
Most searcherd terms in India are:
  1. orkut
  2. gmail
  3. yahoo
  4. google
  5. youtube
  6. yahoomail
  7. indian railways
  8. rediff
  9. cricket
  10. katrina kaif

Fastest growing terms for 2008 are:
  1. youtube
  2. orkut
  3. katrina kaif
  4. cricket
  5. irctc
  6. facebook
  7. genelia d'souza
  8. beijing 2008 olympic games
  9. sixth pay commission
  10. ipl

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