Ibibo Marketing: Matured With Time

Ibibo, an Indian startup which first launched a blogging platform, later moved into different services like opinions, chat, Q & A, email, photos, polls, games, jobs and many more. Initially Ibibo was criticized for the way they were doining marketing. It all started with Ibibo's great blogger hunt, where they donated 1 crore rupees as gifts, most of them went not to bloggers but to techies who have written automated scripts to spam the blog and get high scores (including me) . Then started Ibibo's ads all over television with tag line "Balti Bolti Nahin, Bolta India Ibibo pe", most indians failed to understand what the ad was all about and also it didnt made much sense as to why Ibibo was spending so much on Ads when they dont even had a single killer product at that time (even photos was not launched at that time, I suppose)
Lately, Ibibo has started competions like IFresh Face, iVideoStar which are a form of reality shows for internet, We are aware the popularity of reality shows on television, Ibibo is bringing same thing to internet. Ibibo has come long way in its marketing approach, but as ppl say first impression is best impression, Ibibo has started in wrong way and it still carries that image, but hope that new approach will change the brand image of ibibo. All the best Ibibo!!
What do you guys think of the same?

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