Earn While You Search: Microsoft's Continuing Effort to Win Search Battle

Microsoft has launched winwithsearch competition where-in you have chance to win the free talk time. All you need to do is search for a term and along with the results two dice gets rolled, you will be winning free talk time if both the dice show 6's, So the probability of winning in each search is 1/36. Each session lasts for 10 minutes, so if any user wins in 10 minutes the competiton would be stopped for that 10 minutes and next chance to win again starts after the end of that session.
Microsoft has to now spend 144 talk times in a day, I am not sure how much they are offering as talk time, lets say they are offering a talk time of 5$ it would mean they have to spend maximum of 720$ a day for this campaign. I don't understand why Microsoft didn't launch this as part of their live.com.
Do try this and let us know what you feel about the same? If you win let us know how much talk time you got as a gift?

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