God Save Brand IIT :(

IITians have great brand value not only in India but all over the world. It took nearly 60 years to build this brand name. This brand name is built based on achievements of the alumni over last 60 years. But  indian politicians doesn't seem to be happy with this brand name and are constantly trying to bring down the quality of these premier institutes. Earlier it was Arjun Singh who brought up the issue of reservations for OBC students in premier institutes, now its the six new IITs with very low quality in a year. Already the existing 7 institues are facing serious shortage of good professors with many of amazing old professors retiring and these 6 new IIT only add to the problem.
Six new IITs in a year is disatser feels the PM scientific advisor. Politicians seems to be so dumb that they can't understand that creating hundreds of IITs with lakhs of students does not make all these lakhs of students exceptional, you need a good strong education standards at the school level.
Recently, came across an article on how land is being grabbed from the hands of  farmers to build IIT in Andhra Pradesh. I don't understand why these guys can't upgrade institues like Hyderabad Central Univ, which has huge campus in Hyderabad and offers very few courses.  But politicians want a IIT campus in Telangana district and not in Hyderabad for which they are ready to spend crores of rupees. God alone can now save IIT brand.


  1. Hey, IIT got kamal ka phool in their logo. Congress may be removing that too :)

  2. On serious note, If Govt. is willing to extend number of IITs, converting already existing colleges like NIT,DCE are better options than creating new IIT.