Storrz: Social Shopping in India

Everything seems to be going social now a days. You come to know a friend on your network got commited/married (personal life) from social networks like orkut. You come to know a friend on your network making a job change (professional life) using social networks like linkedin. Soon it may happen that you come to know that a friend on your network bought a brand new TV or laptop using Storrz, a social market place. 
Storrz is a Social Marketplace which helps users to discover, share and shop online. Storrz enables the same interactions in the Storrz Marketplace and helps people discover, share and shop. Storrz allows you to complete the purchase on their own site using lot of payment options. Storrz plans to make revenue from commisions paid by the merchants and also from user targetted ads. 
In their own words, Storrz is founded by Chandan Maruthi  and is based out of in Bangalore, India. The Storrz team has 6  people in technology, sales and operations. Storrz already has over 65+ merchants selling 6500+ products across 130 categories. Over 2000+ consumers have made purchases of avg $15 per order, with high orders of a value of $500 per order . We also happen to be India's only marketplace to offer groceries online. 
Storrz plan to launch worldwide soon. All the best to Storrz. 

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