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httpfuse is new hyderabad based social bookmarking service. httpfuse is list of bookmarks grouped by topics. Users need to register to create a fuse. For any topic(they call it a fuse), users can add the links along with title and some description. httpfuse already claims to have more than 2.6 million fuses. How many of 2.6 million fuses are user generated will be interesting to see. httpfuse can easily create them automatically using some algorithm, simple being take a term say "Software Testing", query it on google and add the top 10 links to the fuse :). httpfuse is more on lines of stumbleupon and delicious. httpfuse may be hoping to become a wikipedia of URLs for various topics. I feel name is not easy to remember, should have started the name with http.

  1. How will httpfuse counter the spam ?
  2. How will httpfuse build quality content (good content urls for different topics) ?
  3. How will httpfuse get user traction? Whenever user wants any information, user generally goes to search engine. httpfuse needs to come at top on these search engines similar to wikipedia.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
httpfuse is doing good with SEO by appending the topic name as part of URL. For example, the url for mysql fuse is which will give it high weightage among search engines for query MySQL.

Code Inspections Comments:
  1. If Fuse already exists then httpfuse does not allow user to create fuse with same name, but if a fuse by name MYSQL exists user can create another fuse by name MySql. You may not want to create fuse with same name but with different lower and upper case letters.
  2. You need to encode html/javascript user enters in Title/Description of the page . What if user enters a HTML redirect code as part of Title for some popular fuse the page will get redirected to page mentioned by user. But well you are in a way handling it by ensuring that user cant enter some special characters like '/'. But still user can embed some html to break the functionality.
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  1. lol.. they should have taken care of the uppercase-lowercase fuse..

    with so many bookmarking sites out there which are backed by big companies and so very popular.. dont think launching without a USP is a good idea