Opportunities in India

India is growing fast and is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. India is country where progress meets poverty and new ideas meet old traditions. There would be many interesting ideas that will work in Indian scenario but may not fit the global market. For example matrimonial sites in India. As it turns out matrimonial sites fits well into Indian culture. Matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com and Bharatmatrimony.com (Also recently secondshaadi.com for widows and second timers) make huge business out of this. Well this may not have worked in the west where dating sites rules. One reason for these kinds of services to flourish is also growing Indian internet population. The India's internet population has grown by over 700% since 2000, but even today it constitutes only 3.5% of Indian population which shows there is still a lot of scope. Many companies already have started developing products or services specific to Indian market and also many people have started investing in India.

Band of Angels, started in April 2006, the Band of Angels is a unique concept which brings together highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs from India and around the world who are interested in investing in start up / early stage ventures which have the potential of creating disproportionate value in India. The Band, in addition to money, provide constant access to high quality mentoring, vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution. The Band members, because of their background are better able to assess the potential and risks at the early stage. Google also joined Band of Angels recently.

Another good news is three Indian web 2.0 companies have been listed in 30 Non Us Web 2.0 companies. Burrp, Pixrat and Khichdee are those companies while other funded Indian companies like minglebox were not listed. Still its way to go for India and would like to see every one out of two successful companies will be from India :).

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