Common Bug in HTML While Using Multiple Layers

One feature many recent Web 2.0 companies have is multiple layer on the websites. For example when user clicks on say "Add" which needs authentication then it shows a login form as popup. This pop-up is basically div with z-index grater than original webpage. The div code is basically present in already existing HTML code but is hidden, this is showed on clicking say "Add". You can read more about z-index here. In these kinds of cases if the hidden div code of page is already present on the page at some location, then we need to ensure that the ids given to both of them are different.
For example, Pixrat is one such site which uses this layers funda for Login form. When user tries to bookmark some of the image without logging in, it shows up login form which also has a radio button for register. When register radio button is selected instead of chaning the fields in the popped-up login form it does that for login-form present on right hand side. This could have been avoided if we have given different div ids for div on right hand side and popped up div. I have seen this kind of error on other websites as well.

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