[Software Review] CoverageEye.Net : Code Coverage Analysis Tool

CoverageEye.Net is a Microsoft windows application that analyses the managed assemblies and gives the information about the lines of code (or machine Instructions) that got executed. This is a .Net based tool which is very useful for finding out which parts of the code has not been thoroughly tested. This tool can be integrated with the build environment where in when the test cases are executed automatically and we can get the reports of the code which are not covered by the current test cases. This just not only helps in improving the test coverage in terms of the code but also helps us in identifying the unreachable code.
For people using the manual testing, they can launch the CoverageEye associate all the assemblies that are to be analyzed and start executing the test cases. Once all the test cases are executed you will get the graphical representation of the amount of code covered in each assembly. By digging into details we can also find which part of the code has not been covered there by coming up with the test cases to increase the coverage. This also means we are coming up with test cases which are very rare thereby identifying some of random issues. I found this tool a useful one

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