[BUG] All IBiBo Blogs lead to your Website

Naspers owned MIH India’s has launched its “Great Indian Blogger Hunt”, offering bloggers a total of Rs.1.5 crore in prize money. Well I dont wanna make any argument about whether PayPerPost is good thing or bad thing. Well even I had created my blog http://blogs.ibibo.com/qa hoping to make some money. My blog has been criticizing the Ibibo for there poor quality all the way and also got comments from ibibo guys saying that they will soon be releasing the newer version.
Here is one interesting bug, now all the ibibo blogs can lead to which ever page you want. Many of the blogs in general block (or display as plain text) few html elements in their comments but Ibibo seems to be very generous. See the html code below,
$ meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://codeinspections.blogspot.com" $
(Replace $ with <>)
This is HTML code for redirection this will redirect the page to the URL mentioned. Now go to any blog on the ibibo and in the comments write the code given above. Whenever any one clicks on the read comments it will get redirected to the URL mentioned in the code.


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    You should work on your English spelling, definitely so if you can't differentiate between "their", "there" and "they're". Get it?