Soccer Team and Software Team

With World cup Soccer in progress, I could not resist to draw this parallel between a software team and a soccer team. Wondering what can be relationship between a Soccer team and Software Team ?? Let me give my perspective, Strikers are like Developers and Defenders are like Testers. Testers works to ensure zero bugs similarly defenders work to ensure zero goals to opponents. Developers add new features to product similar to strikers who score goals. Developers might add many new fetaures but if they does not work as desired then its will drive customers away, similarly soccer team with strong strikers can always make more goals but if defenders are not good then even opponents will score the goals. Last but not the least developers similar to strikers get more credit compared to testers or defenders. A strong soccer team is one with good strikers and defenders and similar is software team with good devels and testers.


  1. Sudhakara Reddy11:48 PM

    HI Mallikarjun,, Ur comparision is good,, but i don't know abt software team,, because i am student from university of hyderabad,, what is the equivalent position in the s/w field for goal keaper...

  2. May be goal keeper is a Test Lead :)