Do Google Adsense Make Sense ??

Wondering why there are no google ads on blog, Well my adsense account is disabled by google for click fraud. Google Adsense does not reveal how it does the click fraud detection. But definitely some genuine website owners are victims of this for no mistake of theirs. The terms of Goodle Adsense indirectly says that owner of website/blog could not market his website/blog. Suppose someone posts the url of his website/blog on some groups or communities then page visits may shoot up (thereby Adclicks) for his website and google adsense may detect it as fraud

But what is adsense's Answer to these things:

- I can disable google adsense account of any of my competitor by executing a script that clicks on Ads from his blog.
- How do they detect a click fraud ?? if they dont reveal this then what is there answer to those guys whose accounts were disabled because of no mistake of theirs.
- How do they detect a click fraud ?? if they reveal this will help the frauders for coming up with algorithms which may do intelligent click fraud.

Soon Yahoo is coming up with similar product, Will it be able to answer these questions ??

Disclaimer : This post is not to focus google in bad shape but its about whether such business model will sustain or not

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