Who said friends can't be bought: Buy Facebook friends using Usocial

Its always said that friends can't be bought with money Which is still true in real life but no longer in virtual world. Now you can buy friends on facebook.
With growth of social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and recently Twitter, many organizations are trying to use this media for marketing and make money out of it. Its a thin line difference between this kind of marketing and spamming.
uSocial is Australian based startup which was earlier known selling Digg Votes and Twitter Followers is now into business of selling Facebook Friends. Already Digg and Twitter have tried to block uSocial for spamming but they are back into business this time with Facebook Friends. uSocial is selling targetted users as friends or fans, you need to pay $177.30 for 1k freinds and $654.30 for 5k users.
Its not very evident how they are managing the process of automated addition of friends/fans. As long as there are people who are ready to buy friends this will be a good business. What is your take on uSocial and do you think Facebook should shut them down?

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