Indians Increasingly Using Web 2.0 Sites (Next to Only US ?)

Indians seems to be using popular web 2.0 sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube etc., heavily. Are they now second only to US in terms of traffic they are sending to these sites? If you go by Alexa stats then the answer is yes to some extent. India ranks distant second in terms of traffic on LinkedIn, with 15.5%, US tops the list with 45%. Similarly, India ranks second even on Blogger with 10% of traffic.
India stands third on Twitter, fourth on youtube sixth on Facebook and nineth on MySpace. Facebook is growing fast so soon it may also reach top 3, while Myspace is not picking up in India. Not just social networks but India stands second even for popular technology blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable and Gigaom.

Statistics (Courtesy: Alexa)

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