iDiya : Social Entrepreneurship Challenge by ISB

Grameen Bank, Amul are some of examples of companies that brought great social revolution. In a country like India, Social Entrepreneurship is an opportunity because of huge rural population. It is very essential for Indian Youth to think of ideas which bring social revolution along with commercial value for organization.
iDiya is an event organized by ISB with an objective "to encourage the social entrepreneurship paradigm amongst youth in India and to bring together entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to help create sustainable and scalable businesses that have a positive social impact."
In their own words, The iDiya Challenge aims to :
  • Stimulate Indian youth to identify the needs within their communities, and come up with practical sustainable solutions to meet those needs.
  • Create an online social networking platform to facilitate collaboration amongst individuals interested in the social sector in India.
  • Support transition from idea generation to idea commercialisation through the mentorship and entrepreneurial training programme.
It would be interesting to see the kind of ideas that will come to this contest from Indian Youth.

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