Malliks Review: TweetMeNews Tweets Personalized News

TweetMeNews is a product created by privately funded nobosh labs which is into building news personalization engine. Nobosh is founded by Brett in 2007.
TweetMeNews is a Twitter application build using Twitter API's. The app asks you questions about what genre of news you are interested in (business, technology, advertising, venture capital and health) and what types of publications you’d like news from (blogs, newspapers, video, magazines) based on your selection they find the appropriate news from twitter. Further they also analyze your own twitter feed so as to ensure that the news they send is not already present in user feed. User can also limit number of tweets he like to receive daily from the service. These tweets are posted to user as Direct messages to the user. User can also read these tweets from the TweetMeNews page by signing in.
TweetMeNews is implemented well but its questionable whether the product has any real value add to the user. Some of the drawbacks of this approach are delay in the delivery of news as we all know delayed news is no more news. Users who generally are fond of Technology news may be following all the technology bloggers on twitter or via RSS feeds and they happen to get real time updates anyways. TweetMeNews also lacks any monetization model only option is to append a small advertizement along with every news alert.
TweeMeNews have just 200+ users that too after being covered by TechCrunch. This number is deduced from number of followers of @TweetMeNews.

Malliks Rating: 1/5

Location: Mountain View, CA
Funding: Privately funded

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