Feed the Blog to all your Social Networks using Twitterfeed and Ping.fm

Every time you write any article on your blog you would love to share it with your friends or followers on various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., but posting it manually on each of social network needs some effort. This posting explains how this process can be automated using two services: twitterfeed and ping.fm.

Twitterfeed started as service that feeds you twitter with posts from RSS feeds. Twitterfeed uses OAuth authentication so users can securely login into twitterfeed using twitter credentials. User can specify the feeds, posts from which automatically gets posted to twitter. Twitterfeed also provides the statistics for number of times the links posted to twitter have been clicked. Users also have flexibilty to select the URL shoretner service they like to use, by default it is bit.ly. Twitterfeed also allows users to post to ping.fm, so users can use twitterfeed and Ping.fm to send blog and other RSS updates to the many social networking services Ping.fm supports, all in one go.
Twitterfeed started as hobby project grew into company after Betaworks and TAG invested in it. Its definitely an useful service and is currently feeding close t0 half a milion feeds, but they seem to lack revenue model for now.


Ping.fm is a free service that allows you to update all your social networks at one go. Ping.fm have done a proper integration where user can post to about 40 popular social networks like Facebook, myspace, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, Hi5, Bebo and more. Orkut is missing in the list. User can post to ping.fm either from any Instant messenger, SMS ,MMS, or third party apps like twitterfeed.

Now, You just need to add all those networks where you want the blog article to be posted on Ping.fm. In twitterfeed, you need to add you blog feed and get it posted to ping.fm. Thats it and you are ready to have you blog article posted to all your social network automatically whenver you post an article on blog.

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