Create Public/Private Communities (Knots) using TweetKnot

I couldn't blog for sometime as I was extremely busy with TweetKnot. Being one of creator of tweetknot its not fair to review it myself. Already many startup blogs have given positive reviews for tweetknot. I would just like to take this oppurtunity to give brief introduction to features of tweetknot.
  • TweetKnot is Community of Twitter users who share common interest and use this as platform to share the short messages across them.
  • Every member of Knot can send the message to all other members of Knot.
  • TweetKnot provides support to create private Knots.
  • Owner of Knot can specify sources (twitter users, twitter hashtags, RSS feeds) whose messages appear in the Knot automatically.
  • No registration required, you can sign-in via twitter. Just allow TweetKnot to access twitter, its absolutely safe.
Already many users have started liking TweetKnot, I would like all you guys to try it out and let us know the feedback.

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