SMS Apps From Mazic Using SMSGupShup Platform

SMS GupShup (Webaroo company) has released its platform for developers to build their SMS applications. The platform is very easy to use. SMS Application is an application that can be used to provide services by communicating through SMS. It can be built using any programming language like Java, C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python etc. You need to register, a Keyword and Appurl with Sms GupShup. When any user send an SMS Keyword Query, the app url will be getting the user phone number and Query as the Query parameters. The response from the app url should be in form of XML or JSON which contains the phone number and content to be posted to the phone number. App cannot send infinite outgoing responses. The outgoing responses from the an app can be upto 5 times the incoming messeges.
Mazic India has built couple of SMS apps using this platform, SMS Dictionary and SMS News.
SMS Dictionary:
SMS DICT pasta and sends it to 56767888 to get meaning of Pasta as response. Usage: DICT Query

SMS News:
SMS Khabar Satyam to 56767888 to get latest news related to satyam. Usage: KHABAR Query

Let us know what kind of services you would like to access via SMS.

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  1. Great information.. Both SMS and mobile applications are going to stay here in the market for long.And when Nokia is taking initiative to highlight more creative applications through its 2009 calling All Innovators contest (, things are really going to change.