Save Satyam!!

Employees are the biggest asset for any IT services company, and at this point for Satyam to continue its business, it needs the support of its employees. We already have a job market crisis and freshers are seriously affected, we don't want 50K experienced employees to enter the job market now. Only way this can be avoided is by rebuilding Satyam. Nasscom has already asked other companies not to poach the employees from Satyam. Prior to this Infosys has asked the HR not to poach the employees from Satyam. I feel other companies should start hiring if satyam laysoff, but not poach at this crisis situation. Infosys may have asked to refrain from poaching Satyam employees with just this in mind. has posted an article stating that this show Infosys double standard. The article and author's comments were more like hate campaign against Infosys. Ashish ( blogger), your blog is about startups, which in no way means you can criticize big companies like Infosys, Satyam, Wipro employs lakhs of people in India.


  1. why should government Save / Bailout SATYAM ? The investors lost their entire hard earned money and sold off their shares already in open market. Why should government divert Tax payer money to Feed the employees of SATYAM. Satyam is known to pay Ridiculously high salaries to its employees and created an unhealthy trends in IT industry. The salaries paid are exhorbitant and the peers in other IT companies or from other industries dont pay such a salaries. If government is bothered of employees of SATYAM, they can pay Unemployment stipends to the SATYAM employees.

  2. No where did I say government should bail out satyam but diverting tax payers money, I just said that other companies should restrain from poaching Satyam's employees or clients for sometime allowing satyam to rebuild.