Startup Saturday: Honeywell and Logica's Startup Initiatives

Honeywell and Logica have announced their startup initiatives in co-ordination with HeadStart at Startup Saturday Bangalore. Honeywell has announced that it is ready to partner with exciting startups and it has already done that with couple of startups in rural healthare and microfinancing space. While Honeywell is clear that it will not invest in any startup but would be ready to make a strategic partnership which would be a win-win situation for both the startup and honeywell. Logica also has announced a startup contest, they are basically looking for startups which will add value to logica's business. The contest will be run by logica in 8 countries, one startup would be selected in each country and a final winner across 8 countries as well. Country winner can use services of Logica's coutry sales whereas international winner will have access to the global logica sales. For more details on logica's startup intitiatives click here.

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