Indians Work Hard Also Keeps Good Health

Asians, in general are hard workers and so are Indians. Most Indians are hard workers and they work late hours in the office. Recently there have been a few incidents of Indians committing suicide due to work related stress, but one of the survey (source) says that India is among the countries where employees said that their health is least affected due to work.
Globally, one in Five employees said that their health is affected by work related stress. Japan tops the list where 60% responded that their health is affected because of Work related things. Canada is second highest. India, Australia, New Zealand are among those least affected.
More work and less sick leaves, that's what is India about, Hope organizations outside India reading this post will soon open their shop in India.

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  1. Yes, I guess that is because of competition provided by us to other interms of menpower or brain power.
    Nice post.