After Social Networking, Is it time for Social Inter-networking ??

I am active user of Orkut and Linkedin and passive member of many other social networking. People generally are active members of more than a single social network which can be understood by the volume of users each social network has. Have you ever thought that a single sign-on for all popular social networks will be useful ? a Brazilian startup has created a social inter-network (as it claims) which allows you to log-in to their site and access various popular social networks like orkut, hi5, myspace and facebook. Apart from regular things you do on a individual social network, you can send a messages /photos/videos to all social networks at same time. launched with orkut in August already claims 5 millions. crawls the content off various social networks which may mean violating the terms and conditions. Once they become popular they may be blocked by these sites. hopes to make revenue via ads they already have Google ads all over the page. Apart from inter-networking, has features like chat rooms and Radio. What your take on this social inter-networking ??

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