Cleartrip ties up with Indian Railways: What is IRCTC's gain out of this?

Cleartrip has recently launched the train reservations in association with IRCTC. Cleartrip claims its faster and easier way to book train tickets, definitely the site seems faster than the IRCTC website. Cleartrip charges 10 Rupees extra per ticket for booking (apart from 10Rs already being charged by irctc for online booking). So who is gaining in all this, Cleartrip is the winner, while irctc has nothing to gain or lose (may be some load reduction on its webservers), People of India are losers. As an individual I have no problem paying 10 Rupees extra to Indian Railways than paying them to Cleartrip. Other day, I was trying to book a tatkal ticket using irctc site, but irctc site was down and cleartrip site was working like a charm, both use the same back-end. One of following things may have happened:
  • Cleartrip may have bribed some of irctc person to bring down the server during the peak time so that traffic gets diverted to cleartrip's site
  • Cleartrip may have written a automated script to bring down irctc site during the peak hours
  • IRCTC site is actually down because of some technical reasons
Whatever may be the reason, I don't understand why IRCTC has made this deal with cleartrip. I dont see any specific reason apart from cleartrip bribing irctc officals to make this deal. What is our so called management guru Lalu Prasad Yadav is doing ? Laluji, We need an answer.

What do you guys think about this?


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Why do you have a habit of equating bribes with government officials?

  2. Hey anonymous,
    If you think there is no bribing happening here please do let us know why irctc struck deal with cleartrip.
    Not all govt officals are corrupt but many are.


  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I don't see anything negative on cleartrip deal with irctc. The fact is, irctc site always sucked and having cleartrip as an option has only made life easier for people. We could have cribbed about behind the scene happenings between irctc and cleartrip only if IRCTC was lightening fast earlier and started sucking only after this new deal was brokered.