Location Based Jobs Widget Powered By CodeInspections

Codeinspections has developed an embeddable Location based job widget. Anyone who wants to show the topic based jobs on their website can just paste the code below into their HTML/Blogger pages:

<IFRAME scrolling=no WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="400" SRC= http://mallik.100webspace.net/Ip2loc.php?spec=Startup frameborder=0 allowTransparency="true">

This is a location based widget, that is for a guy visiting your web page from Bangalore it will be jobs in Bangalore city and if guy from Amsterdam visits this page it would be Jobs in Amsterdam. Further user can select the type of jobs he want to show on his blog/web pages by changing the spec in the above code which currently shows it as Startup. For example if I wanna show the Testing Jobs the widget would look as below.


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  2. Mandar, I would like you to join me. Infact anyone who have original articles can send it to me so that I can post them here.