Is India ready for cloud computing ?

It all started with Google Docs and Windows Live allowing access to office applications, now applications like Nivio and Desktoptwo allow you to access a complete desktop online. Basically you just need a browser with internet connection to access the set of application. Nivio claims that once you are in you get a feel of using real Windows XP desktop. These companies make revenues from subscriptions.

But is India ready for cloud computing yet. Poor internet connectivity will definitely be one of obstacle, while for corporates it will be question of security. Google may also soon come up with a product in this cloud computing space which will be extension of its google docs. After a web browser, will it be Web-OS from Google? Lets wait and watch.

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  1. try

    I tried it many days back, which has nominal features, which is free service, from performance perspective its ok.

    But not able to install windows executables in it while running on linux operating system.