AskLaila is Co-branding MSN Cities : Will it gain Asklaila or MSN

Asklaila one of popular Local search engines for Metros in India has partnered with MSN India to power MSN cities. This is a good deal for asklaila. The cities page is infact hosted by asklaila and the entire page layout looks mre of asklaila than MSN except for the header and footer. So lets analyze what are the gains for each of them:

For AskLaila:
  1. Would have taken less than a day's development effort for AskLaila to build this site. So not much cost involved on their part.
  2. Free publicity which may also lead to user acquisition.
  3. May be Ad-revenue sharing with MSN for Ads on this page.
For MSN:
  1. MSN users will like the service provided by asklaila.
  2. Ad-Revenue Sharing from the Ads on this page.
  3. May also risk losing users and users may start using asklaila rather than MSN citites
Partnership with branded sites will always be more profitable for small players in long run. All the best asklaila.

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