Tagg.in : Yet another SMS based Application

SMS seems to be hot among Indian startups, why not Indian SMS based company smsgupshup has outgrown twitter (pioneer in SMS blogging) in terms of user count. Tagg is another startup in same space. According to Vishal of Tagg, Tagg is trying to package the applications in three ways, as a tool for:
1. Micro-blogging
2. Sharing stuff on interests, passions, likings, hobbies, etc
3. Staying updated on subjects that matter.
But tagg is no different from others like smsgupshup, vakow etc.,

  1. How will tagg win the race in already overcrowded Indian SMS market ?
  2. What will be the revenue model ? [ Read SMS advertising in India]
  3. How long can tagg sustain without funding/revenue ? Sending an SMS incurs a cost for company.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
Tagg is not doing any SEO. Being an SMS company it may feel web presence is not important, but would be better to include the group name as part of URL and other SEO fundae which may show it up as part of search results by search engines.

Code Inspections Comments:
  1. Entering already existing taggivity name while registering gives error, but at same time clears all the fields. User has to re-enter all the fields to register.
  2. Forgot password doesn't seem to work haven't received the mail even 1 hr after clicking forgot password. But they have sent me the original password which they should'nt have done. Basically sites dont store users original password but some hash of the same which they can use to verify the authentication and when user clicks on forgot password it resets the password and sends new password. This is much safer than saving the passwords as plain text in database.

Since launch, till the time this post is written based on analysis , we find
Number of SMS Groups: 10596
Number of SMS: 128269
These are found using the numbers in urls so these may include even groups created during testing.

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  1. guess even sms space will turn out something like social networking... with lots of players jumping into it and 1 or 2 making it....