Is Google Trying to Combine its Blogsearch Results with Normal Websearch? Cache links not working for those results

Google seems to be trying to add the blog search results to its normal web search results. Google blog search works in little different way where in it crawls and indexes the pages very frequently and shows the page in results immediately, while same results used to take few days before appearing on the normal web search.
Let me explain, how I came to know of this. As you guys know I posted an article on "Starting Your Career with Startups" yesterday night. Today while doing a normal web search I found some of results showing up with 12 hours ago in the results which generally is shown for blog search and news search results. So I just wanted to check out, I tried searching for "Starting Your Career with Startups" (along with quotes) and below is screen shot of results I got.

It showed just one result which is from my blog, along with 12 hours ago message and I was keen to see the cache content and clicked on cached link and it gave the error as shown in the screen shot below.

This seems to be a clear bug as basically cached content is not saved in blog and news searches results and the guys may have integrated the blog search results but forgot about this cached link. Hope that google will take note of this and fixes this soon.

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