Freshers and Experienced : Who are the better suitable?

Many companies mention the experience as a criteria in the job description. When a company mentions 2-4 years as experience does that mean they will hire only people with experience >2 years, does that in turn mean people with <2>2 years experience ? Well, I completely accept experience does matter to some extent but it does not mean everything. A guy with 10 years experience in same domain may not be any better than a guy with 5 years as I feel that guy will learn everything in his work-domain within 5 years (atleast in software industry).
Basically learning curve in same domain always follow the bell curve.While a team definitely need few experienced guys based on team size to mentor, definitely it should e proper mix of freshers and experienced guys. Hiring freshers/experienced people have both pros and cons.
Hiring Freshers:
  1. Can groom the guy, way company needs
  2. Less Salary compared to experienced people
  3. Freshers are more keen to learn. Basically freshers are more hardworking
  4. Freshers mostly being bachelors can work at odd hours if situation demands
  1. Would need some training as per company's requirements
  2. Would need time to learn the processes especially in big established companies

Hiring Experienced:
  1. Will be in better position to handle the responsibilities
  2. Will not need much of mentor ship
  1. High Salaries compared to freshers
  2. What if the experience is on different platform/domain, will not add much value to company
  3. May not be easy to get him adjusted to the new environment
But with freshers and college students raring to go do we need to underestimate them any more. In past its freshers who have created companies like Google and Facebook. My observation was further experienced people from branded companies struggle to adjust to startup environment. In my opinion startups should prefer hiring freshers with few experienced people to guide rather that hiring experienced people from branded companies.
All the above are my personal views. What do you guys think about this ?

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  1. I agree with you, but the addition of experienced people in startups bring value, might be in contacts, business relations, r further expansion of the company. That will be very helpful if startup is abt to enter into the market. But experienced people shd value the startup culture, which is missing in many of the indian startups.