After Burrp!Local and Burp!TV Now its Burrp!Blah

Burrp! started as restaurant review site, later launched Burrp!TV (TV listing portal) and now its Burrp!Blah. Well looking at blah its more a sort of blog with proper classification of content by category and by city and they even call it blahging (blogging). Well the success of this will depend more on quality of content they place, While its not open for the users to add content (way to stop spam) but on the other side where will content coming from? How many editors (expert bloggers as they call) will they be hiring to get content?
Burrp is planning to soon launch burrp local, burrp Music and burrp Movies. Is burrp losing its focus and foraying into too many spaces similar to ibibo?

Also read interview with Deap Ubhi (CEO of Burrp!!)


  1. Thanks for writing about burrp! Blah. Just wanted to let you know that we had infact launched blah, way back in March 2007. Check out this announcement here -

    More recently, about two days ago, we launched burrp! Events.

    You can check out the announcement here -

    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks anand for the comment, Will soon be reviewing burrp! events and cover it on this blog.