Vakow : Way to manage your SMS

With increasing SMS usage new startups are coming up in the SMS space. Vakow, is one of such interesting startup. Vakow provides a way to manage our SMS properly. Main features of Vakow are:
  • Building your SMS collection
  • Subscribing to SMS users/tags
  • Rating/Commenting to the SMS
  • Forwarding the SMS
One thing I liked the most is minimum score funda, wherein if only 1 Vakow! member other than you rates it up, they'll forward your SMS to your subscribers. Well this can be good way to reduce the spam and also reduce the amount spent on SMS usage of Vakow. Behind Vakow is alumnus of IIT Bombay(Rahul Gupta and Amit Upadhyay). Vakow also depends on advertising revenue. So will SMS advertising take off on large scale ? Lets wait and watch.

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    you have provided useful information .ill try it .